Friday, December 7, 2007

Second Life Newby at Amazon Presentation

I am now officially a Second Life user. Dr. Dobbs Journal had a speaker that I was very interested in hearing last week. Jeff Barr of spoke on Amazon Web Services and the different elements of their stack that they have made accessible to the world at large. Amazon is not just an online retailer, they are a true technology innovation company. The technologies that they have made available to the general development community have changed the way virtualization technology is thought about and used. Jeff focused mainly on the services of S3, EC2 and Mechanical Turk. If you are a developer and need the ability to scale your applications quickly and at a reasonable cost, I highly suggest you check AWS out. What really made this meeting unique was that it was held in Second Life. There I was with other "avatars" dressed in all sorts of outfits. The great thing about this was the interaction. Jeff was gracious enough to open the floor to questions. It was very personal and gave the users access to Jeff that makes it more familiar than an email. Thank you Jeff for your time and answers! Maybe we can start looking at writing the infrastructure at DigitalChalk to allow our users to teach live courses in Second Life...

Screenshot of the presentation by Jeff Barr